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Chameleon Media

Services we provide...

1. Websites Broker - We buy and sell websites for you in different industries. We also help to place ad on your website to increase your monthly income. Resource Links - Sedo.

2. Online Advertisement Space For Lease - We help you to advertise online directly to your target clients through our affiliate websites in different industries. It is permanent advertisement space on website not search engine. Text or Banner. Prices range from $10 to $100 a month.

    Current Advertising Rates & Space Availability...

    Top Banner        $100 / monthly

    Side Banner       $  75 / monthly

    Bottom Banner  $  50 / monthly

    Text / Link         $  10 / monthly

   Quarterly commitments are eligible for 10% discounts.

   Annual commitments are eligible for 20% discounts.

3. Online Items For Sale / Chameleon eStore - We help you to post items that you on longer need for sale.


Our affiliate websites are as followings... More to come soon.

Phoenix Real Estate Investment Corp. (Real Estate / Mortgage)

Office Rental & Small Business

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

For Sale By Owner Package

Contracts List


Chameleon Media Corp. (Media / Advertisement)

Murphy's List (Stock) (Kid's Stuff) (Health & Living) (Food & Restaurants)

Entertainment (Travel & Entertainment)


Contact Us to Join our Affiliate Program making extra income as an referral representative.

Our affiliate websites have the following immediate offerings...

Phoenix Real Estate Investment Corp. (Real Estate / Mortgage) - referral fee for mortgage transaction and real estate transaction.

Chameleon Media Corp. (Media / Advertisement) - 5% referral fee for advertisement and photos.

Murphy's List (Stock) - 10% referral fee for ebooks and membership fee. (Kid's Stuff) - 5% referral fee for ebooks and membership fee.


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